Welcome to Zafferano'94 Hua Hin Fine Dining Restaurant

MAY and JUNE 2023

The low season menu' All Italian

Coming soon from May 2023 the low season specials from Zafferano’94. First of all our new event Wednesday Italian BBQ and pizza.

The new low season special menu’ for all the lover of the Italian classics .

Chef's Recommended

Selected Menus

Chef Luca Gavassa design Zafferano’94 menu’ for serve something unique in Hua Hin. We still into the Italian cuisine style by using particular technique and top ingredients but also promote the local fresh products to move our recipes proposal into a new level of taste.

The menu’ change constantly for offer always some new taste and knowledge about ingredients combinations.

Zafferano’94 Hua Hin menu’ is not only Italian but also fusion, Chef love to combine taste from other countries combine with our Italian products for create new experiences of flavors.

Cocktail di gamberetti.

Shrimps cocktail dried in white wine served with salad and pink sauce by the Chef.

Piedmont Carpaccio Recommended

Traditional Livorno soup seafood redesigned by the Chef with Mussels, clams and shrimps, tomato sauce soft cooked with fish mixture.

Eggplant parmesan

Eggplant sliced layer between tomatoes sauce , cheese and parmesan .

Spaghetti Ki Mao FUSION

Spaghetti seafood cooked in oyster sauce finish with Pesto Genovese.

Chef recommended

Angus Fillet Rucola e Grana

A classic never end

Fillet tenderloin

USA tenderloin Black Angus soft cooked and braised in butter and red wine served with fresh rocket salad and Grana Padano DOP cheese followed by special mashed potatoes with walnuts cream. An explosion of taste combined with the bitter and spice of the rocket salad and the sweetness and bit salted of the Grana Padano and mashed potatoes walnuts and to compete all a creamy red wine sauce.

An immortal recipes from the Northern Italy beef special.

Main Courses
Black Angus Fillet rucola e grana

USA Black Angus fillet tenderloin Rocket salad and Grana Padano cheese served with mashed potatoes and walnuts.

Not an usual restaurant